Building positive change one memory at a time

In the early 2000’s, I was walking in the wilderness and saw trees laying on the ground in an area that must have been hundreds of acres. Back then, logging in Lapland was common and it made me think that there must be a more environmentally friendly way to utilize the area rather than to saw it into a product. That arose an idea of tourism that would allow us to utilize the surrounding wilderness, but without ever harming it.

Today I am grateful that together with my wife, family and our team, we have built four successful tourism destinations. The people who have visited these destinations have got the chance to get to know the most valuable resource in our area, nature, and have taken the memory of its importance with them. That leads us to our goal; to build positive change in the world – one memory at a time.

Jouko Lappalainen, CEO of Nellim Wilderness Hotels & Safaris

Nellim Wilderness Hotels & Safaris is committed to responsible tourism

Nellim Wilderness Hotels & Safaris has received the Green Key eco-label and is currently undergoing Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland –program. (2021)

Environmental responsibility

  • We are committed to decrease our water and energy consumption.
  • We sort and recycle most of our waste.
  • We try to use plenty of local ingredients in our foods.
  • We have replaced most of the single-use cups with more ecological options.
  • We use only marked trails on our safaris.

Economical responsibility

  • During the season 2019-2020 we employed over 180 people of which half were locals.
  • In 2019 we were Inari’s biggest taxpayer.

Social responsibility

  • We try to choose a local service provider whenever it is possible.
  • We support local children’ and youth’s hobbies by donating money and lending our vehicles.
  • We present authentic local art and culture in our destinations.


  • We operate in accordance with the Sámi Tourism Code of Ethics.
  • The message of hospitality is addressed equally to all.
  • We do not condone discrimination or exploitation.


  • All our guides have first aid skills.
  • A defibrillator can be found in each of our destinations.
  • Finland has been awarded as the safest country to visit in the world.
  • We follow the government’s COVID-19 guidelines.

Green Key