Activities at Wilderness Hotel Nellim

Snowshoeing Trek

Snowshoeing trek to Nellim’s beautiful forests.

Gentle Snowshoeing trip

Relaxing snowshoeing in snowy Nellim forests with relaxing atmosphere.

Ice Fishing with snowmobile

Snowmobiling with ice fishing, does it get any better?

Explore Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling in winter scenery, here we go!

Snowmobiling Tryout

Have you ever tried snowmobiling? We highly recommend you do!

Reindeer Day

Spend the day out with local culture and history, see and feed reindeers!

Reindeer Farm Visit

Visit the local reindeer farm and see the adorable reindeers!

PRIVATE Aurora Sledge Safari

Looking for something really special? Try Aurora sledge ride to Lake Inari!

Aurora Hunt by Car

Aurora Car trip heading to the famous Paatsjoki bridge!

Aurora Snowshoeing

Experience the surrounding nature and Aurora Borealis on foot!

Aurora Snowmobiling

Hunting Northern Lights on a snowmobile? I’m in!

Aurora Camp

Sledge ride to Lake Inari with Aurora Watching!

Cross-Country Skiing

Try out this traditional finnish winter sport in beautiful Nellim scenery!

Husky Safari

Husky Safari will take you thru beautiful Lake Inari region!


Nellim Wilderness Hotel


Nellim Wilderness Hotel