Accommodation at Wilderness Hotel Nellim

Wilderness Hotel Nellim offers cosy hotel rooms, spacious suites and rustic log cabins in various price ranges. We have also special accommodation in Aurora Bubbles and Wilderness camp.

Nellim Wilderness Rooms

Perfect and cozy accommodation for relaxing after a long day out in the arctic.

Nellim Log Suites

Cozy, spacy and really impressive accommodations that are decorated in the spirit of the nature around us.

Honeymoon Log Cabin

Honeymoon Log Cabin gives you a combination of a luxury and a traditional exterior with romantic atmosphere. Perfect get a way for lovebirds!

Cabins Lusma and Nuora

Cozy and inviting from inside out, can anything be more comfy?

Log Cabins

Log Cabins are perfect for people who prefer to have the most coziest stay on their holiday.

Aurora Bubble

Looking for Aurora Borealis and unique experience? You’ve found it!

Tsarmi 401, Family Suite

Spacious and cozy second floor suite with nice view, decorated in a rustic, close to earth style.

Tsurnu 205 – Family Suite

Spacious and comfortable suite with nice space for small family or travel party.

Tsurnu 201- Family Suite

Tsurnu 201 is really cozy and atmospheric suite with nice space for small family or couple looking for a perfect get a way.

Tsarmi 301 – Suite with two bedrooms

Tsarmi 301 is spacious two bedroom apartment with large living area and cozy interior.

Tsarmi 303 – Suite with three bedrooms and private Sauna

Our largest suite accommodation with sauna. What would be nicer than heating up your very own sauna after a long day out?

Tsarmi 302 – Suite with two bedrooms and private Sauna

This suite is perfect for those you prefer to have some luxury in their holiday stay.

Inari Lakeside Cabin

Located on the shore of Lake Inari – every aurora hunters dream accommodation!


Nellim Wilderness Hotel


Nellim Wilderness Hotel